WEPSWeapons Officer
WEPSWind Erosion Prediction System
WEPSWorld Energy Projection System (US Department of Energy)
WEPSWest End Primary School (UK)
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WEPS is the result of 16 years of collaboration between ARS and NRCS software engineers and scientists.
The WEPS model accounts for crusting effects and the interaction between time of crusting and occurrence of wind erosion events (Hagen, 1991).
Early research on WEPS was funded at universities in Belgium and Holland by Shell Chemical Co.
They conducted several experiments to see how the sources should be accounted for in a PM-10 prediction module of the WEPS erosion submodel.
Skidmore, scientists involved in the WEPS project have been developing and fine-tuning the system for the past 16 years.
The WEPS offers a clean, replenishable and inexhaustible energy source at a fraction of the cost of conventional energy generation.
Quest Water Global, a Canadian water technology firm and developer of the AQUAtap Community Drinking water Station and WEPS water Removal and Filtration Program, has inked a contract production contract with Tecnologia del Pacifico.
The aim of the WEPS validation sites was to quantify the mass of soil material moving during wind erosion events on fallow land in southern Alberta.
As we expand, we realized that the acronym WEPS wasn't the best way to convey our service on a global level," said Dean M.
In 1998, a multi-platform, Windows based, graphical user interface release is planned for WEPP, RUSLE, WEPS, and RWEQ (Revised Wind Erosion Equation).