WEPSWeapons Officer
WEPSWind Erosion Prediction System
WEPSWorld Energy Projection System (US Department of Energy)
WEPSWest End Primary School (UK)
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WEPS is the result of 16 years of collaboration between ARS and NRCS software engineers and scientists.
Early research on WEPS was funded at universities in Belgium and Holland by Shell Chemical Co.
They conducted several experiments to see how the sources should be accounted for in a PM-10 prediction module of the WEPS erosion submodel.
The WEPS offers a clean, replenishable and inexhaustible energy source at a fraction of the cost of conventional energy generation.
NDC eCommerce is excited about the new opportunities we now have because of the new merchant segments WEPS allows us to address.
The Company's WEPS platform provides a gateway among all of the parties within a wireless point-of-sale (POS) transaction.
The Company's WEPS technology provides a gateway among all of the parties within a wireless point-of-sale transaction; and enables businesses that require mobility and/or faster transaction speed to accept wireless point-of-sale payments.
Wireless Data's WEPS is a comprehensive suite of wireless transport services and server technology designed to deliver payment transactions securely and efficiently from merchants to payment processors.
This agreement will expand the reach of WEPS to Lynk's 400 sales representatives in 34 offices nationwide, serving more than 53,000 merchants.
USWD is proud to have companies of this caliber and experience embrace WEPS and we look forward to a long relationship.
WEPS provides a seamless interface between a merchant's wireless point-of-sale terminals, wireless carriers, and credit card transaction processors.
One feature of the WEPS service is the ability for merchants and merchant acquirers to access terminal, account and transaction information via a secure Internet web site.