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WESTLAWWest's Law Research Database
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The Westlaw Qatar will provide the Qatari legal content through the Westlaw global network, which would contribute to enhance the transparency policy adopted by the country as well as provision of all legal information for investment and commercial laws.
owned Westlaw, claiming they unlawfully profited by selling their legal documents in their databases.
Currently, Westlaw Gulf provides lawyers with expertly written English translations of the most commercially relevant and widely used laws and cases from the UAE.
Currently, Westlaw Gulf provides lawyers with English translations of the most commercially relevant and widely used laws and cases from the UAE.
22, Oklahoma City lawyer Edward White and New York City lawyer Kenneth Elan filed a class action lawsuit against West Publishing, which owns Westlaw, and Reed Elsevier, which owns LexisNexis.
Westlaw said the service is organized into digests, with translations of legislation and cases, and summaries of the legal issues in each document, allowing users to "build legal topic hierarchies from the issues central to these laws and cases.
Case Evaluator enables litigators to build a fact base representing the outcomes of comparable cases--including verdicts, awards, relevant medical and expert witness data, and other criteria--and then generate Westlaw reports that can help sharpen legal strategies for the matter at hand.
Those of us who learned computer-assisted legal research when Lexis and Westlaw were young could rely on a short list of sources and still be satisfied that our research was thorough.
Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw have dominated the legal database, business, but Westlaw's parent is also refocusing.
The arrangement allows researchers using Matthew Bender to highlight a citation in the text and then automatically connect to WESTLAW to retrieve the cited case.
Computer rooms are essential, and law libraries have dwindled in importance since most information law firms need is available on computer networks such as Lexis, Westlaw and other services.