WETSUWomen Engineers, Technicians and Scientists in Uganda
WETSUWe Eat This Stuff Up (military; jump cry of 11th Airborne Division)
WETSUWe Endeavor to Succeed Universally
WETSUWe Expect This Stuff Usually (military; polite form)
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Participants applied the criticism throughout the day's missions--as they survived an ambush by WETSU, found intelligence on a "dead" insurgent that led them to a mock village in search of Rumblefish, where they encountered a suicide bomber and came under enemy tire while managing to rescue a downed pilot hidden in an underground tunnel.
The morning after that miserable night outdoors, soldiers were to march to a mock city where they would raid a building in search of a senior WETSU operative called Othello.
After hearing a WETSU, players have to get to the nearest numbers on the field.