WFPSWater-Filled Pore Space
WFPSWide Format Printing Systems (Océ North America; Chicago, IL)
WFPSWinnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
WFPSWestern Federation of Professional Surveyors (Santa Rosa, CA)
WFPSWind Farm Power Station
WFPSWhole Fish Protein Synthesis (biochemistry)
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For the other variable like WFPS 10 g of weighted soil was dried at 105[degrees]C for 48 hours to get the dry weight.
In the display graphics market WFPS grew its equipment sales as a result of its enhanced product portfolio, e.
Multiple regression (all subsets) analysis of a subset of soil variables (bulk density, C/N, char, clay, EC, soil temperature, TOC, WFPS, N[H.
WFPS is deriving maximum benefit from the recent product introductions and an increase in demand for color consumables which are giving rise to healthy growth in revenues and income.
As a result WFPS sold fewer wide format printers in this segment than in the previous year.
Nitrification is optimum at around 60% of WFPS, which is very close to the soil moisture content of our pasture soil and does not proceed when soil moisture content exceeds 80% of its WFPS (Lima and Doran 1984; Zaman and Chang 2004).
The good sales performance and the higher recurring revenues enabled WFPS to more than compensate for the lower lease revenues.
WFPS will enhance its distribution power by strengthening the direct sales organization and by starting to distribute the successful Oce TCS color systems via Fuji Xerox in Asia with effect from 2008.
2]O emission was significantly enhanced by up to 51% at 83% of the WFPS (Yanai et al.