WFPSWater-Filled Pore Space
WFPSWide Format Printing Systems (Océ North America; Chicago, IL)
WFPSWinnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
WFPSWestern Federation of Professional Surveyors (Santa Rosa, CA)
WFPSWind Farm Power Station
WFPSWhole Fish Protein Synthesis (biochemistry)
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For the other variable like WFPS 10 g of weighted soil was dried at 105[degrees]C for 48 hours to get the dry weight.
WFPS in pasture and wetland soils after addition of N inputs and soil amendments remained unchanged at 58% and 81%, respectively.
In the display graphics market WFPS grew its equipment sales as a result of its enhanced product portfolio, e.
Soil water content was expressed as the WFPS calculated by dividing the volumetric water content by the soil's porosity (Linn and Doran 1984).
As a result WFPS sold fewer wide format printers in this segment than in the previous year.
The WFPS conditions in the experiments performed may have been too low for the establishment of anaerobic conditions required for denitrification of N[O.
2]O losses occurred in winter-early spring following significant rainfall events, when WFPS was elevated to >65-85% in top 10 cm soil layer (Fig.
In 2008 WFPS will expand its portfolio by adding printing systems that are based on the company's new own innovative color technology.
lim,z] normalised by porosity and hence defined as a fraction of WFPS (WFPS = volumetric water content/total porosity).
Recurring revenues in WFPS increased organically by 0.