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WHAWorld Hockey Association (merged with the National Hockey League in 1970s)
WHAWorld Health Assembly
WHAWorld Headache Alliance
WHAWestern Hemisphere Affairs (US Department of State)
WHAWilmington Housing Authority (Delaware)
WHAWestern Health Advantage
WHATungsten Heavy Alloy (alloys used in weapons production, especially as penetrators)
WHAWildlife Habitat Area
WHAWyoming Hospital Association
WHAWiring Harness Assembly
WHAWater Hammer Arrestor (plumbing)
WHAWomen's Hospitals Australia
WHAWestern Hardwood Association
WHAWalkaloosa Horse Association
WHAWilson, Hewitt & Associates, Inc (Haverford, Pennsylvania)
WHAWestern Hockey Association
WHAWeapons Holding Area
WHAWindsor Housing Authority
WHAWomen's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998
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Now a positive development has been observed that the issue has been included in the main agenda items, due to which assistive technology will be discussed in the WHA in May 2018,' she said.
Thinking about the WHA, Cathy states, "I am eager to continue working for the WHA this year, and am glad to have found an organization whose mission and focus drives me to be a more worldly scholar-in-progress.
These are a few quick ways to engage at the global health policy table during the WHA in Geneva.
After all of the families eligible at Lincoln Village have been processed, the WHA will have 500-plus vouchers to issue to applicants on its current waiting list,'' the release states.
But officials now question whether WHA sufficiently informed them of its intent to evict tenants as part of the process.
The WHA meeting will study different health issues, including the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, tobacco control and mental health.
WHA President Steve Brenton had high praise for Wisconsin's health care professionals.
8, 2005, WHA sued Millennium, alleging "professional negligence" for failing to obtain the required amount of insurance coverage.
They were first made aware of this problem in September 2006 when WHA had a team of contractors fitting new bathrooms and kitchens.
On the sidelines of the gathering, Fayez is expected to meet a number of WHA officials for talks on bilateral cooperation in various health- related issues.
He said WHA was asked to take notice of humanitarian disaster, which is being further aggravated by the increasing incidence of terrorism related injuries.
WHO Director General Margaret Chan faxed Tuesday the invitation to Taiwan's Department of Health, inviting the island to participate as an observer in the May 18-27 WHA meeting under the title ''Chinese Taipei,'' said Health Minister Yeh Ching-chuan, who heads the department.