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WHAWorld Hockey Association (merged with the National Hockey League in 1970s)
WHAWorld Health Assembly
WHAWorld Headache Alliance
WHAWestern Hemisphere Affairs (US Department of State)
WHAWilmington Housing Authority (Delaware)
WHAWestern Health Advantage
WHATungsten Heavy Alloy (alloys used in weapons production, especially as penetrators)
WHAWildlife Habitat Area
WHAWyoming Hospital Association
WHAWiring Harness Assembly
WHAWater Hammer Arrestor (plumbing)
WHAWomen's Hospitals Australia
WHAWestern Hardwood Association
WHAWalkaloosa Horse Association
WHAWilson, Hewitt & Associates, Inc (Haverford, Pennsylvania)
WHAWestern Hockey Association
WHAWeapons Holding Area
WHAWindsor Housing Authority
WHAWomen's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998
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Department of Housing and Urban Development enables the WHA to develop and manage affordable housing for low-income families throughout the City of Wilmington.
After all of the families eligible at Lincoln Village have been processed, the WHA will have 500-plus vouchers to issue to applicants on its current waiting list,'' the release states.
WHA President Steve Brenton had high praise for Wisconsin's health care professionals.
8, 2005, WHA sued Millennium, alleging "professional negligence" for failing to obtain the required amount of insurance coverage.
Another initiative the researchers hope to employ to encourage protection of land outside the WHA is Nature Refuge Agreements--voluntary agreements between landholders and government to protect existing habitat of high conservation value.
The Ma administration cited Beijing's willingness to allow Taipei to attend the WHA as a key factor for the island's newfound participation.
In the article, Shieh appealed to international organisations to lift discriminatory bans and ensure Taiwanese journalists receive WHA Press passes this year.
Davidson, a Wisconsin Public Radio news producer and anchor, provides a history of the University of Wisconsin radio station WHA, the affiliated state-owned station WLBL, and Wisconsin Public Radio.
That last phrase gets to the heart of what real hunters will find wrong with WHA and its scheme.
We agree, and were among the first to reject this concept, declining a paid ad for WHA in our magazine.
WHA is a not-for-profit association which exists solely to provide understandable healthcare cover, and all from the equivalent of 21p per day - as little as the price of an apple a day.
Steve Caldwell, the nation's leading authority on the working and application of WHA.