WHINSECWestern Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
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According to Bourgeois, WHINSEC stopped releasing names in 2005 after SOA Watch found damaging information that WHINSEC had enrolled well-known human rights abusers.
When General Bantz Craddock, the head of US SOUTHCOM, addressed graduates of the SOA/WHINSEC's Command and General Staff Course in the summer of 2004, he warned soldiers that "today's complex challenges include transnational terrorism, narcoterror, and radical movements" (Board of Visitors Meeting, WHINSEC 2004a).
instructors at WHINSEC for fiscal years 2005, 2006, and 2007.
NAVSCIATTS and WHINSEC schoolhouses train international students in maritime and ground-based operations respectively.
In the past year Loyola's SOA protesters have held and attended protests, lobbied the government to close WHINSEC, volunteered, and started new justice groups, including an intentional community at Loyola.
Support for WHINSEC (aka School of the Americas) in Congress has been eroding since it became public that the school continued to train known human rights abusers.
Border Patrol agents at WHINSEC, a program that SOA Watch would continue to monitor.
The bill would suspend all operations at WHINSEC, establish a joint congressional task force to assess the types of training that are appropriate to provide Latin American militaries, and establish a commission to investigate activities at WHINSEC and its predecessor.
The professional and personnel benefits of being assigned to WHINSEC are obvious.
In March, Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOA Watch and a former Maryknoll priest, led a delegation to El Salvador to ask the country to stop sending soldiers to WHINSEC, which is now the name of the School of the Americas.
Although neither the bases nor WHINSEC are part of the institutional structure of the OAS, historically they have been associated with it.
In mid-2006, WHINSEC incorporated a two-hour class on Ethical Decision Making into the existing Democracy and Human Rights Program.