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WHISWirral Health Informatics Service (est. 2002; Wirral, Merseyside, UK)
WHISWhiskeytown National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
WHISWaste Handling and Isolation Facility
WHISWar Head Injury Score (military medicine)
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has a level of abstraction that uses the linguistic features of by-passive, agent-less passives, adverbial subordinates, conjuncts, past participles, WHIS deletions and predicative adjectives.
With expertize in safety certified software, WHIS specialize in embedded RTOS and Middleware technology.
Our core technological competencies are a perfect match for advanced military projects," said WHIS president Holly Roseberry.
Contact: WHIS, phone 888-669-1808, website http://www.
The WHIS wireless communication system is capable of providing wireless connection speeds in excess of 36 Mbps.
The WHIS technology will now allow hospitals and physicians to communicate instantly.
See Marshack (1994) for a more complete description of the WHIS (Friedlander, 1990).