WHMSWarehouse Management System
WHMSWindy Hill Middle School (Clermont, FL)
WHMSWood's Home Maintenance Service (North Carolina)
WHMSWestern Harnett Middle School (Lillington, NC)
WHMSWest Hall Middle School (Oakwood, GA)
WHMSWoodland Hills Middle School (Woodland Hills, CA)
WHMSWest Holmes Middle School (Ohio)
WHMSWayne Highlands Middle School (Honesdale, PA)
WHMSWhite Hill Middle School (Fairfax, CA)
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As depicted in Figure 1, a typical hierarchical key agreement for WHMS involves five types of parties.
As the root authority, SV is responsible for managing the entities' authorities in WHMS.
i] wants to use the service in the WHMS, he/she should register his/her gateway [GW.
The author of [8] proposed a noninteractive key agreement scheme for freshness-preserving in WHMS.
i,j] goes to see a doctor in a real clinic, they decide to use the WHMS to monitor his/her health directed by a physician [PH.
To provide a similar environment in WHMS, the weak processing ability is simulated on an android smartphone (HTC M7) running Android 4.
Thus, the scheme is feasible to key agreement in WHMS.
Our proposed scheme inherits the advantage of Kim's hierarchical scheme in WHMS.
Thus, the performance of our scheme is more suitable for the WHMS environment than Kim's work.
Kim, "Freshness-preserving non-interactive hierarchical key agreement protocol over WHMS," Sensors, vol.
By the end of 1903, Margarita Lake had taken a new position within the Oriental Bureau, becoming the missionary in the WHMS Ellen Stark Japanese Home for Women and Girls, a position that would occupy her time and energy until her marriage in 1910.
Thanks to the recent discovery of unpublished Oriental Home records and the Lake women's turn-of-the-century collection of newspaper clippings--together with WHMS magazine articles, Oriental Bureau annual reports, and annual reports of the Pacific Society for the Suppression of Vice, the guardianship disputes of Ah Ying and Sau Chun deepen our understanding of the complexity of child-rescue strategies in turn-of-the-century San Francisco.