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WIAAWashington Interscholastic Activities Association
WIAAWestern India Automobile Association
WIAAWestern Insurance Agents Association (Rancho Cordova, CA)
WIAAWisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association
WIAAWisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association
WIAAWomen in Agriculture Association
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The WIAA entered into a 10-year contract with American Hi-Fi in May 2005 to produce and distribute broadcast quality video of specific state tournament events "through all physical, electronic and broadcast media, including the internet" (WIAA v.
In 2007, the WIAA and American Hi-Fi created a web portal and started live streaming the events.
The WIAA wanted a five-year commitment for three volleyball tournaments which would have been huge for us.
The newspaper wants the court to recognize that the WIAA is working on behalf of public schools and declare its no-bid, long-term contracts for TV coverage and photography unconstitutional.
In the Wisconsin case, the WIAA initially sought ownership rights for writing, photography, video and any Internet form of journalism from live blogging to webcasts when it filed suit in December.
His goal is to have a proposal to vote on at the 2007 WIAA annual meeting, and if passed, to be implemented in the 2007-2008 school year (Semrau, 2006b).
on Friday, March 4th, the second day of the WIAA State Boys and Girls 1A and 2A high school state basketball championships at the Yakima SunDome.
We used to be required to obtain physician signatures on prescriptions and WIAA Physical Cards.
Another victory occurred when WIAA changed its bylaws to permit pre-participation sports examinations to be performed and signed by the APNP.
Jurenka is also a certified basketball official for the Washington Officials Association (WOA) which provides officials to WIAA sanctioned events.
She paid cash for the WIAA physical required by the school, and planned to take the girls to the county health department for their TdaP and varicella vaccines.