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WIALWorld Institute for Action Learning (Reston, VA)
WIALWellington International Airport, Ltd. (New Zealand)
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With the same aspiration to strive for performance excellence, Workplace Stars has created an alliance with WIAL.
In any case, improvement is always a good thing and WIAL states that the RESA extension will be delivered for a "reasonable cost.
Plans for the provision of a 90m RESA at the northern end of the runway are expected to be announced by WIAL in the near future.
Aside from its user charges and income derived from retail activities, WIAL also has a third revenue stream--property--courtesy of its off-airport retail park.
In July WIAL became involved in a public spat with The Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand Inc (BARNZ) regarding the airport's recent land revaluations, which are part of the formula used to calculate landing and terminal fees, though only assets linked to the aeronautical part of the airport are considered.