WICHEWestern Interstate Commission for Higher Education
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It had been my intention to smuggle a couple of sand- wiches into my helmet, but I was interrupted in the act, and had to make an excuse and lay them aside, and a dog got them.
In comparison to WICHE members, the UA two-year program ranks on the high side because we are being compared to state community colleges that are significantly subsidized by local governments; such support does not exist to the same extent in Alaska.
We're all looking to educate and retain people in our states so that they can help the economy thrive," said Peace Bransbeiger, a senior research analyst at WICHE.
Between 2008-09 and 2019-20, the number of white high school graduates will drop by 228,000, while Hispanic graduates will increase by 197,000, the WICHE report found.
This fall, Blackboard, Mozilla, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) and Sage Road Solutions will convene a national dialogue to explore badges as a currency for job seekers, learning providers and employers and the effective use of badges as a bridge between postsecondary education and the workplace.
WICHE is managing the State Scholars Initiative for the department.
While many institutions do study data about the size of the college-bound population by geographic area (from sources such as WICHE, NCES, and state education departments), few then tie that information back to institutional data to understand what share of the market they currently attract and what the impact would be of changes in the population or market share.
Officials, such as Dickinson's Massa, say the demographic projections documented in the WICHE report should already be known to college administrators.
Mexican American State Legislators Policy Institute Issues Conference: WICHE Working Paper.