WIFWindows Identity Foundation (Microsoft)
WIFWorld in Flames (strategic WWII game from ADG)
WIFWater in Fuel
WIFWorld Innovation Foundation (UK)
WIFWorld Investment Forum (UN Conference on Trade and Development)
WIFWireless Informatics Forum
WIFWarsaw Initiative Funds
WIFWest Indian Federation
WIFWorkforce Investment Board
WIFWater Immersion Facility
WIFWrap In Foil (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
WIFWorld View International Foundation
WIFWomen in Investment Found
WIFWireless Interconnection Forum
WIFWage Information File
WIFWorld Italian Foundation
WIFWeb Interactive Films
WIFWomen in Finance (various organizations)
WIFWebdesign International Festival (France)
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During the demo, the price was set at one WIF per megabyte of bandwidth.
Sample items for the WIF construct included "my work keeps me from my family activities more than I would like" and "I have to miss family activities due to the amount of time I must spend on work responsibilities.
He is the director of rules and regulations for the WIF and is quickly emerging as one of our finest assets and ambassadors.
The idea was to work together to create change," says WIF president Cathy Schulman.
WIF and WSCF were characterized by end-group analysis [acid value (AV) and hydroxyl value (HV) determinations], HV was determined by acetylation of samples dissolved in acetylation reagent (pyridine-acetic anhydride).
A permanent steering committee, including Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed and Turkish Asian Centre for Strategic Studies Chairman Suleyman Sensoy, was set up to prepare an action plan for the WIF.
4) Preload each ASN-GW and WIF with the public system parameters {p, q, E{[F.
The relationship between boundary permeability and burnout would be mediated by WIF and FIW through negative associations between permeability and WFC dimensions.
Specifically, the authors looked at BA and BU and their relation to job satisfaction and WIF and FIW, the two forms of WFC.
One session of the WIF that will address these issues directly covers not private companies, but sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) that have become increasingly influential in the international investment mix.
We identified four studies that addressed the importance of WIF in screening for reading difficulty and monitoring development.