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WIFEWomen’s Institute for Financial Education
WIFEWonderful Instrument for Enjoyment
WIFEWonderful Item for Entertainment
WIFEWomen Involved in Farm Economics (non-profit agricultural association)
WIFEWindows Intelligent Font Environment
WIFEWorship Instruction Fellowship Expression
WIFEWired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph (SpongeBob SquarePants; TV show)
WIFEWorship Instruct Fellowship Evangelize
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said the man, dolefully, 'my wife wants to live in a stone castle.
Germaine to my wife, warning us that we were not to expect to meet a large party.
And again every detail of his quarrel with his wife was present to his imagination, all the hopelessness of his position, and worst of all, his own fault.
In a short time he married a pretty young wife, and lived with her in great peace and happiness.
No, no, it is not your wife has preached to you; but when you were moving religious arguments to her, conscience has flung them back upon you.
He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking his revenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wife had proved so refractory with respect to her purse.
In my terror and turmoil of mind I could imagine nothing less than that the Old Nick, at the moment of our overturn, had annihilated my wife and jumped into her petticoats.
Nothing in life seemed to him of much importance, and under the influence of the depression that possessed him he valued neither his liberty nor his resolution to punish his wife.
Beauly to his wife is inconceivable to me, unless he were out of his senses.
The personal appearance of the wife, and the extraordinary contrast between her husband and herself, are certain to be remarked, and remembered, by every stranger who sees them.
As soon as my wife heard me speak this she at once cried out, "What are you doing, husband?
My four Sons and two orphan Grandchildren had retired to their several apartments; and my wife alone remained with me to see the old Millennium out and the new one in.