WIFOÖsterreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (German: Austrian Institute of Economic Research)
WIFOWireless Foundations (Research Center at UC Berkeley)
WIFOWirschaftliche Forschungsgesellschaft (Germany)
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2009), "Tourismus im Sog der Finanzmarkt- und Wirtschaftskrise", WIFO Monatsberichte, No.
According to a study from the Austrian economic forecasting office WIFO, electricity retail prices should fall by 12 to 15% as a consequence of total liberalisation of the market.
Enlargement is a top priority but not the highest one," said Mr Jan Stankovsky, of the WIFO research institute in Vienna.
WIFO agrega que la transicion sin problemas de once de quince miembros de la UE a su Union Monetaria (UM) contribuye a estabilizar las expectativas de inversionistas y consumidores, de manera que la UE podria experimentar un avance en su PIB de 2.
Strohner (2009), Die okonomischen Wirkungen der Immigration in Osterreich 1989-2007, WIFO Research Report, No.
Most prominent are the leading economic research institutes IHS (Institut fur hohere Studien--Institute for Advanced Studies) and WIFO (Osterreichisches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung--Austrian Institute of Economic Research).
El Instituto de Investigaciones Economica austriaco WIFO estimaba en 1993 que los PECO recibirian 170 mil millones de dolares de IED entre 1995 y el ano 2000 (citado en Hammid, 1994).
A more detailed WIFO analysis of the economic effects on Austria =stressed the differing effects of enlargement on various regions and =economic sectors.
Winter-Ebmer: Research Associate at CEPR, London, WIFO, Vienna, and IZA, Bonn, and Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Linz, Altenbcrgerstr.
1989), `The Distribution of Household Income in Germany', WIFO Working Paper 35, Vienna, Austrian Institute of Economic Research.
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The inflation adjustment of tax brackets is among the options of the tax reform advocated by WIFO (Aiginger et al.