WIFSWeekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation
WIFSWomen in Insurance and Financial Services (est. 2000)
WIFSWide Field Sensor
WIFSWorld Inferno Friendship Society
WIFSWorldwide Integrated Flight Support, Inc.
WIFSWhirlpool Institute of Fabric Science
WIFSWomen in the Fire Service, Inc. (Madison, WI)
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said, "We are very proud of our advisors who have been honored by WIFS for their significant achievements.
Arthea's WIFS National Board service and commitment to helping women succeed resulted in the landmark publication, Financial Services: Women at the Top--A WIFS Research Study.
WIFS National Board member, Nancy Wolfe-Smith of State Farm, has taken advantage of the program since its inception.
Despite the proliferation of recruitment programs, affinity groups, and female-centric organizations like WIFS, women remain under-represented in the insurance/financial services industry, at least in relation to the overall female population.
For those women coming into the industry, and for those veterans who have endured the last few years, WIFS stands proud as having survived all the scandal and hardship and grown in membership.
We have found within WIFS is that women don't like to be recruited; they like to be attracted to things," said Glass.
Key informants were teachers who were in charge of WIFS in their schools, HAs, and ANM of PHC.
Among a host of other benefits, WIFS offers its members education (in the form of live webinars), mentoring programs, a national conference, networking opportunities, local chapter membership, online resources, and seemingly unlimited peer support and recognition.
Susan Combs, president of Combs & Company and a WIFS board member, says Jones' ability to build relationships with her clients, especially with her widowed female clients, was a major reason she nominated Jones for the Woman of the Year award.
NAIFA and WIFS announced the partnership on October 4 during NAIFA's Career Conference and Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
To continue the efforts, a firm Publicitas has carved out a long-term course of action to hold WIFS on an annual basis at different locations of the world.