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WIHSWomen's Interagency HIV Study
WIHSWashington International Horse Show
WIHSWest Islip High School (New York)
WIHSWest Iredell High School (Statesville, NC)
WIHSWomen in His Service (women's Christian group)
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The lung cancer analysis focused on people in care since they entered WIHS (since 1994) or MACS (since 1984) through September 2011.
But the researchers in the WIHS have more than made up for lost time.
In the WIHS study, incident VIN 2,3 was detected in 8% of HIV-positive women during follow-up and 2% of HIV-negative women, "a relatively high attack rate" of 1.
Men and women in MACS and WIHS make regular visits to study sites to have medical checkups and to answer questions about personal behavior and other factors that may affect their health.
More lipodystrophy data comes from an ongoing WIHS substudy of 1,057 women headed by Dr.
In a 6820-person comparison of HIV-positive and negative men and women in MACS and WIHS, HIV-positive smokers with AIDS pneumonia in the past had more than a 3 times higher risk of lung cancer than HIV-negative smokers (aIRR 3.
To learn more about how illegal drug use and HIV affect cognitive function in women, WIHS researchers conducted the study described here.
Future reports from WIHS will address the key issue of the effects of highly active antiretroviral therapy upon HIV-related skin diseases.
WASHINGTON -- The Washington International Horse Show has announced the four riders who will compete in the $25,000 WIHS Invitational Dressage Championship, which will be held on two evenings, October 26-27, at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.
Analysis of 2961 HIV-positive women and 981 demographically similar HIV-negative women in WIHS identified several factors independently linked to longer time to quit smoking: less than high school education, only high school education (versus more), having health insurance, smoking for more than 10 years, 1 to 6 alcoholic drinks weekly or more (versus none), fair to poor self-reported health (versus good to excellent), and hypertension (Table 1).
HIV-positive and negative women in WIHS have similar social, economic, and behavioral backgrounds.
the WIHS is a premier international competitive event featuring Olympic-level show jumping and dressage, plus hunters, ponies, equitation and entertaining exhibitions.