WIIDWorld Income Inequality Database
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The SWIID standardizes the WIID, with the Luxembourg Income Study as a standard, while minimizing reliance on problematic assumptions by using as much information as possible from proximate years within the same country.
Work on WIID began when Giovanni Andrea Cornia was UNU-WIDER director, and Andrea's new book for UNU-WIDER on Latin American inequality can be found here.
WIID has recently been revised and continues to be openly available.
Andrea Brandolini (Bank of Italy) reviewed the World Top Incomes Database; Francois Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics) reviewed the Latin American databases; and Stephen Jenkins (London School of Economics) reviewed WIID and SWIID stressing that the two have different approaches.
This is one of our most comprehensive and detailed revisions to the WIID so far.
The WIID collects and maintains data on income and expenditure for all countries for which this is feasible.
Existing databases, including the WIID, rely on estimates from various national and international sources.