WIIPWetlands International Indonesia Program (Bogor, Indonesia)
WIIPWage Index Improvement Project (Iowa Hospital Association)
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Funding for projects, particularly in relation to the WIIP, is already sourced from numerous avenues and schemes but with more projects added to the project pipeline each year and the Tax Collection and Management Bill only introduced in July, it's fair to question when, or whether, some of these projects will be completed.
Notwithstanding the politics, the WIIP is vitally important for the Welsh economy.
The WIIP could change the face of our infrastructure- for good or ill - until 2022 and we must not lose out.
Because, as Jane Hutt and the Welsh Government has made clear, effective use of public sector projects through WIIP and improved procurement are critical to economic recovery.
For example, Ceca (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) has concerns around the bunching of projects in WIIP so that key timelines fall together, which could potentially reduce the capacity for smaller Welsh firms to bid for multiple contracts.
The one problem I foresee with the WIIP is that it will collate all government infrastructure under one plan.
What must the WIIP deliver to be deemed a success by the CBI?
The Minister highlighted that the development of the WIIP will include consultation with key stakeholders across Wales.