WIIWWorkshop on Information Integration on the Web (Brazil)
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Anu Bhardwaj, CEO & Founder of WIIW DIGITAL, shared how the seed for this dynamic event was planted during a PokerFace Gala Dinner conversation question in Stockholm, Sweden with PokerFace Sweden, Founder, Anna Omstedt Lindgren: "Wouldn't it be cool if we could bring this event to New York City?
WIIW deals with in-depth information and analysis on the economies of Central and Eastern Europe.
WIIW meanwhile has forecast 1 percent growth for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia and 2.
Only in Serbia is inflation still a serious problem, according to WIIW, partly because of the changing exchange rate policies.
El WIIW rectifico en su analisis pronosticos anteriores, en los que eximia un cuadro menos frustrante de la realidad economica de los paises esteuropeos.
Source: WIIW calculations from Cronos trade statistics.
The trend in Bulgaria will not be much different from the situation in the rest of the wider region, according to the WIIW researchers, who point out that all Central, East and Southeast European (CESEE) countries will return to growth in 2011 even though post-crisis GDP growth will be slower than before and not suffice to generate additional jobs.
86 billion euros, the WIIW said earlier this month.
CEPS y WIIW (2005): "The Textiles and Clothing Industry in an Enlarged Community and the Outlook in the Candidate States.
Another economic research institute, the WIIW (Wiener Institut fur Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche-- Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies) was founded in 1973.
WIIW (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies) (2005), www.
WIIW points out that in 2009 the FDI inflow declined the most in the ten new EU member states (NMS) that it surveys compared to the countries in Southeast Europe (i.