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WIKWprost I Kultura (Polish; cultural events guide; Warsaw, Poland)
WIKWet Inkomensvoorziening Kunstenaars (Dutch: Income Law for Artists; Netherlands)
WIKWillen Is Kunnen (Dutch; Belgian drum and bugle corps)
WIKWissenschaftliches Institut für Kommunikationsdienste GmbH (Bad Honnef, Germany)
WIKWork In Kind
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Wik, of Scotstoun, Glasgow, pounced while on buses between the west end and city centre.
This shift was described by Gummow J in Wik Peoples v Queensland (84) in the following terms:
Around Australia, reaction to the Wik decision by @g and pastoral interest groups has been rapid and intense, polarising the debate over pastoral land access before it has even begun.
The freeholding and upgrading of leases under the guise of a Wik response would be the biggest land grab since 1770, and would represent the most radical transformation of the land management system in this continent since colonisation.
WIK is delighted to announce many senior speakers, who have already confirmed their participation, including:
Selection of a supplier (by purchase) of medium voltage electric power (ch) and a balancing group coordinator for the needs of wik eood - plovdiv.
Our issue starts with a paper by Scott MARCUS, who was the principal author of the recent WIK report for the European Commission on the future of IP interconnection.
The subsequent sections of this paper review the major developments of 2008, including the ERG consultation, the WIK report (of which this author was a principal contributor), and the Commission's consultation.
My Government has already supported a number of recent productions shot in Far North Queensland, including the documentaries Great Barrier Reef 3D and Wik vs Queensland and television series Blue Water Empire and The Code.