WILDAFWomen in Law and Development in Africa
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Pour la CSF en 2009, FEMNET, AAWORD, WILDAF et les autres organisations au comite de planification se sont convenues de continuer a jouer des roles de leaders en ce qui concerne les themes de la CSF et d'organiser le Caucus des Femmes Africaines (CFA).
Fortunately, WILDAF (Women, Law and Development in Africa) which had a good number of its members in attendance, organised a session with African women so as to prepare a common Declaration, which was read by WILDAF's Chairperson for West Africa.
Represented at the meeting were ACDHRS, Akina Mama Wa Africa, the Association of Malian Women Lawyers (AJM), the Association of Senegalese lawyers (AJS), Equality Now, EWLA, Femmes Afrique Solidarite (FAS), FEMNET, WILDAF, and WRAPA.