WILGWet Inrichting Landelijk Gebied (Dutch: Wet Interior for Land)
WILGWorkplace Injury Litigation Group (Washington, DC)
WILGWomen's Independent Living Group
WILGWorkers' Injury Law and Advocacy Group
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The majority of representatives on the stakeholder group were third sector or citizens who didn't want WILG scrapped.
It should also be remembered that closure of WILG is not inevitable as is proved through the formation and success of the Scottish Independent Living Fund, which also works to support the Northern Ireland ILF.
This may indeed be the time for a revolutionary change in the way social care is delivered, but such a transformation could take a decade or more and WILG recipients do not deserve to be treated like guinea pigs when their high care and support needs require long-term stability and structure.
Indeed, eventually it should be our aim to set up an Independent Living Fund for Wales so that no disabled person should have to suffer the same uncertainty and isolation as WILG recipients are now experiencing.
that true social justice and equality for all is possible if Welsh Labour revisit their WILG decision.