WILRWyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation (Cheyenne, WY)
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PAR] ratio in old, polycyclic continental dusts such as those resuspended from WILR and GB.
PAR] ratios for trace elements such as REE, Nd, and Th in our geochemically mature samples WILR, WILW, and GB (Table 3).
CIA, Chemical index of alteration; WILR, Wilpena Pound red; WILW, Wilpena Creek white; GB, Gosses' Bluff; PN, Pooncarie; MLR, Mereenie Loop Road; ORMG, Ormiston Pound; ORMR, Ormiston Creek; SILV, Silverton; GH, Glen Helen; PC, Parachilna; DL, Detection limit WILR WILW GB PN MLR [Al.