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WIMPSWeakly Interacting Massive Particles
WIMPSWhere Is My Public Servant (youth organization; Ireland, UK)
WIMPSWorking for Innovation Management, Production and Sharing (various nations)
WIMPSWindows, Icons, Menus, Pointers, and Scrollbars
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Hitting the neutrino floor will be a new window into how these particles work, but if WIMPs live beneath that sensitivity level, the sea of neutrinos we expect to detect will complicate the continuing search for dark matter.
Scientists working on the PICO experiment had to also make sure, by calibrating the heat and pressure in the bubble chamber, that the detector was sensitive only to WIMPs and not other background signals, such as those from electrons and gamma rays.
A massive superpartner should have precisely the properties needed to account for the dark matter in space; it would interact only weakly with ordinary matter, inspiring the nickname of WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle).
A rise in the positron energy followed by a dramatic fall is what would be expected from Wimp collisions.
Though dark matter exerts a tangible force on the galaxy as a whole, individual WIMPs have proved far more difficult to detect.
Every so often, a Wimp will bounce off an atom in the detector, creating a very tiny little signal.
BRITISH men are being portrayed as wimps, nerds and idiots in television adverts, it has been claimed.
I feel that research is for wimps, like Charlie Rose and Tim Russert.
Live tennis Eurosport, midnight ON reflection, sleep is not for wimps, writes Steve Palmer.
IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT: Lose weight and have fun at the same time with Naturaljourneys' ``Bellydance for Wimps,'' available on video or DVD for $14.
The Australian desperado Ned Kelly and his gang make the James boys look like wimps.
If barbarians suffer from a misdirected manliness, wimps suffer from a want of manly spirit altogether.