WIMSAWorking Group for Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa
WIMSAWomen In Military Service of America
WIMSAWomen in Motor Sport Association (Australia)
WIMSAMicrosoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, and ASP
WIMSAWindows, IIS, SQL Server, and ASP (Microsoft web server stack)
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of Public Relations and Development, WIMSA, to author (Apr.
WIMSA, Resources: Historical Frequently Asked Questions,
As latter-day storytellers, San (pronounced Saahn) from across Southern Africa are the authors of Voices of the San, a beautifully illustrated record of San photos, artists's work and above all a vital written record of living history, published by Kwela Books--a project of the WIMSA (Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in South Africa, Namibia), supported by the Kuru Family of Organisations (KFO, Botswana) and SASI (South African San Institute).
In 1997, WIMSA announced it would no longer allow free access to the media or researchers and began to draw up payment contracts.
also known as WIMSA, is mounting a nationwide search for artifacts to include in a permanent collection.