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WIN2000Windows 2000 (Microsoft)
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For non-storage migrations (such as NT4 to Win2000 or one CPU to another), the results are the same--it is still just replication of the data between two server platforms.
Since more than half of business desktops are expected to run Win2000 by 2003, the technology infrastructure for e-commerce will be much more pervasive than it is now.
This cross-platform compatibility significantly simplifies the complexities of managing users and resources in a mixed Win2000, NT, NetWare and Linux environment, and leverages existing IT investments, eDirectory 8.
The Win2000 operating system, Microsoft's latest version of the Windows NT operating system, has many inherent features to help attain compliance with the levels of security required by HIPAA.
ATHAT'S because F8 is the safe restart for Win2000.
2, which makes scanners compatible with Win2000, NT, 98, and 95, including legacy models, SCSI models, and USB models.