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WIN2KWindows 2000
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As the Unix, Linux and Win2K (formerly called open systems) storage environments have increasingly larger storage environments, a de-facto standard and user-friendly HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) system will become acceptable and will finally emerge as an accepted practice.
Nearly all Unix, Linux, and Win2K computer systems must deal with two distinct data formats that significantly increase management complexity.
For typical Unix, Win2K, and other mid-range automated tape configurations, the price per gigabyte of an automated tape subsystem ranges from one-fifth to over one-twentieth the price of an equivalent amount of disk storage.
In the case of tape automation, being able to consolidate tape backup of hundreds of Microsoft NT, Win2K servers that are spread out over the enterprises today would result in monumental cost and operational efficiencies.
There are several good examples of older architectures and past technologies originally used in mainframe environments that are experiencing a rebirth on Unix, Linux, and Win2K systems.