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WIN64Windows 64-Bit Edition (Microsoft)
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It was protected with a commercial VMProtect Win64 executable signed with a known compromised certificate belonging to the Chinese entity, Guangzhou YuanLuo Technology; a certificate that the Winnti group was known to have abused to sign other tools;The properties and output text of the executable were spoofed to make it look like a Microsoft s Net Command net.
Intel's schedule, according to Shannon, is that the first samples will emerge around two weeks after tape-out, with power-on a week later and the first boot up of Win64 a week after that, which seems somewhat optimistic.
The newest RAD Studio XE6 support, that gives our users opportunity to develop their applications using the cutting-edge IDE for all the supported target-platforms: Win32, Win64 and Mac OS.
Unlike Dell Computer Corp, Compaq does not plan to sell systems fitted with the Windows 2000 beta 3, but it is supposed to show Win64 running on some clustered NT servers next week.
SQLite Static Linking for Win64, OCI and Direct connections in the same Oracle application, and more features are added.
Interix64 uses the LP64 64-bit data model which the Unix vendors have standardized on as Unix98, and implements it on the LLP64 data model Microsoft is using in Win64.