WINEPWashington Institute for Near East Policy
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The WINEP researchers and experts on Middle East affairs lauded the distinguished ties binding the UAE and the United States, their close joint coordination and cooperation in areas of countering terrorism and extremism as well as their vital role in consolidating stability and peace in the region and the world.
WINEP is the alleged policy think tank of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), its critics say.
The task force report, issued in June, was overseen by four WINEP heavyweights: Robert Satloff, WINEP's executive director, Patrick Clawson, its chief Iran analyst, David Makovsky, a senior fellow, and Dennis Ross, an adviser to Obama who is also a WINEP fellow.
While WINEP does not take specific positions on pending legislation or policies, it is generally regarded as sympathetic to AIPAC's efforts and often provides the research AIPAC uses in its lobbying activities.
Instead, the staff--hand-picked by Libby--was drawn from the ranks of far-right think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute, and WINEP, and from carefully screened Cheney loyalists in law firms around town--all of whom hit the ground running.
Dennis Ross, Indyk's colleague at WINEP and a high-level negotiator for Bush I, became Clinton's long-serving coordinator of the Arab-Israeli peace process; he rarely failed to defer to Israel's interests, which is one reason the peace process got nowhere.
WINEP maintains many of its pro-Israel links and views but has also expanded its focus and the types of scholars working there.
Ee I have written on how WINEP was formed and what its role has been in shaping the US foreign policy toward Iran in my 2008 book and will not go into details here.
Dennis Ross, who joined WINEP after leaving government in 2001; and Aaron Miller, who has lived in Israel and often visits there.
He held a high-level post at WINEP, an Israeli lobby in which Ross was active since 2000.
WINEP is well respected in Washington circles as a mainstay of pro-Israeli thinking and a pillar of what may people refer to as "the pro-Israel lobby.