WINOCWork in Northeast Ohio Council (Medina, OH)
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In 12 cases, WINOC initiated labor-management committees to help improve the climate through bilateral efforts.
Of the clients with low intensity WINOC involvement (one day of consulting time), only 25% reported at least some long-term positive effect from the programs.
The case studies and the all-client survey justify the conclusion that WINOC has been effective in what it has attempted to do.
Individual case studies of establishments that have utilized the services of the training centers, such as the report on WINOC cited earlier, generally show that the effects of these centers have been positive.
In short, what WINOC has achieved more than anything else is a different attitude on the part of management.
WINOC has also served non-union clients where employers have sought to establish gain sharing systems and quality circles.
The fourth case not analyzed here was a warehouse distribution company already in bankruptcy at the time WINOC became involved.