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WiPPWorking in Partnership Programme (UK; NHS General Medical Services)
WIPPWireless Internet Protocol Partnership
WIPPWorkshop on Integrated Power Packaging
WIPPWaste Isolation Pilot Project
WIPPWomen Impacting Public Policy
WIPPWaste Isolation Pilot Plant
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Before joining WIPP, Arslan served as the President and CEO of the National Association for the self-employed (NASE) where she successfully rose through the ranks to lead the organization.
New Mexico slapped the Energy Department with $54 million in fines in December for violations of state hazardous waste permits tied to WIPP and the Los Alamos lab.
WIPP hosts dozens of webinars, calls and online forums every month, giving small businesses an opportunity to share their successes and learn from experts.
Only a small portion of the site is being used, and by some estimates WIPP could store all of the nation's nuclear waste for the next 100 years.
Now as murmurs of the 2008 presidential race begins, WIPP and its members will be there, ready to once again speak in a voice that grows stronger every year--that of the woman business owner.
WIPP said accepting outside certifications would speed up the process.
With shipments to WIPP increasing from fewer than 17 to 25 per week, the number of available positions in those areas increased by about 12 percent over the last year, according to WIPP spokeswoman Susan Scott.
It was quick and inexpensive to adapt it for WIPP staff, according to experts at the lab.
The WIPP site, which was constructed 26 miles east of Carlsbad in the 1980s, is built in an underground salt bed that the Department of Energy says will slowly close in on the waste, isolating it from the atmosphere and ground water.
Rocky Flats, scheduled for closure in 2006, will send nearly 1,400 shipments of transuranic waste to WIPP over the next seven years.
Klein's appointment follows a long lapse in leadership at WIPP following the resignation of George Dials as WIPP manager in June.
Last May, the DOE signed a statement claiming that WIPP complies with all EPA regulations, and in August it submitted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).