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WIPRWork-In-Process Reconciliation
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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) provided emergency funding to two public radio stations in Puerto Rico, WIPR & WRTU, immediately following Hurricane Irma.
Stinson, "How to Improve Security and Reduce Hardware Demands of the WIPR RFID Protocol," in Proc.
Key contributors include Alma Del Barrio in LA, Arturo Gomez at WDNA (Miami), Maria Von Dickersohn, Jose Rizo & Alfredo Cruz at KLON (LA), Noberto Rivera at WIPR (PR), Dr.
During the eighties in Puerto Rico, Diaz Ayala was honored and awarded on several occasions by the Instituto Teleradial de Puerto Rico, for his Cubanacan radio program, a weekly show that ran from 1979-1992, in WIPR, WEUC and WRTU radio stations.
He also served as music consultant for radio station WIPR and participated in many civic causes.