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WIPSWireless LAN-based Indoor Positioning System
WIPSWeb Interaction Per Second
WIPSWhetstone Instructions Per Second
WIPSWeather Information Processing System
WIPSWestern Interior Paleontology Society (Denver, CO)
WIPSWellbeing, Integrity, Prevention, and Security
WIPSWireless Intrusion Protection System (Symbol)
WIPSWestern Independence Party of Saskatchewan (political group; Canada)
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To defend against these client based threats, an IoT-ready WIPS (Wireless IPS ) will need to determine which client connections pose a genuine threat or violate the network security policy.
AirTight's pioneering Cloud Services family of cloud-hosted subscription services delivers the world's first and only "No Capex" multi-tenant WIPS, PCI wireless compliance and controller-less WLAN access solutions all in a single device.
System name Signal Method Positioning Tracking Active Badge IR CoO [check] WIPS IR CoO [check] Active Bat US ToA [check] Cricket US ToA [check] Cellphones RS TDoA/ [check] (GSM/CDMA) AoA A-GPS RS ToA [check] Locata RS ToA [check] Paric [P.
This lawsuit relates to a long-standing disagreement with AirTight over claimed use of its WIPS 'marker packet' technology in older software releases," said Steve Debenham, vice president of legal services, Aerohive.
Objective: "The capability to measure Leading Edge Contamination by insects during in-service flight will dramatically improve the knowledge of possible disturbances on the laminar flow according to altitude, climatic zones, seasons, and environment as well as the knowledge of cleaning impact of flight through rain or clouds and any impacts of WIPS operations.
New WIPS signatures are essential to quickly being able to alert IT of such attacks.
We are proud to have the value of our services in the WIPS market recognized by this 'Strong Positive' rating in the current Gartner Marketscope.
Simplified security and compliance setup: All AirTight APs come with AirTight's wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), the industry's only automated WIPS technology to deliver zero false negatives and zero false positives.
Combining Motorola's WLAN intellectual property with the industry-leading AirDefense WIPS into a single platform delivers significantly improved security compared to legacy time-slicing WIPS approaches and minimizes hardware and wiring costs.
lt;p>The adaptive WIPS allows enterprises to use Cisco's new indoor Aironet 1140 802.
Looking ahead, 2012 promises to be a very exciting year in regards to many issues of concern to financial services including: data privacy, SANS, WIPS, cloud computing, mobile applications and social media.
WIDS and WIPS constantly monitor secure network areas for malicious devices or unauthorized attempts at access.