WIRECWashington International Renewable Energy Conference
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This article reports on the WIREC 2008 proceedings related to the potential and challenges facing bioenergy.
A key observation made by all WIREC 2008 speakers was the positive impact that renewable energy development is having on farmers and small communities.
To help meet this challenge, WIREC '08 (Washington International Renewable Energy Conference) brought together more than 3,000 delegates (including government, industry and academic leaders) from 113 countries, all with the same basic goal: to accelerate the development and deployment of all types of renewable energy.
Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer said WIREC '08 marked "the first global conference of this magnitude that recognizes agriculture's importance as a driver of renewable energy.
USDA was one of the major sponsors of WIREC '08, which will next move to India in 2010.
Dorr said WIREC is "an opportunity to share our own experiences, and ultimately to learn from the best practices in other countries as well.
For registration and other information on the 2008 WIREC conference, please visit: www.
By participating in WIREC, we gain the opportunity to show the American public that the Volvo Group is not just part of the problem, but also a part of the solution.
The WIREC 2008 conference highlights the need to develop alternatives to petroleum.
WIREC 2008 is the largest renewable energy conference in the country.
WIREC 2008 will bring thousands of thought leaders and practitioners from across the spectrum of government, industry, finance and civil society together to address how we can meet growing global energy needs," said Jim Pierobon, spokesperson for ACORE and for the Trade Show at WIREC.
WIREC will bring together government, civil society and private business leaders to address pressing issues facing renewable technology development in the global market today.