WIRSWorld Institute of Retired Scientists
WIRSWorkplace Industrial Relations Survey (UK)
WIRSWater Industry Registration Scheme (UK)
WIRSWelsh Institute of Rural Studies (University of Wales; Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
WIRSWatershed Information Resource System
WIRSWage Information Retrieval System
WIRSWater Immersion Restrained Stress
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BO also estimated the wage-unemployment relationship for different occupations using data from the 1990 British WIRS.
1) WIRS is regarded as the authoritative portrait of the contours of industrial relations in the workplace across the economy (Cully and Marginson, 1995).
Source Questions A33, A56 and A79 of the Financial Managers Questionnaire of WIRS.
Although WIRS is a nationally representative sample of establishments, not firms, it contains data on the number of employees in the firm, as well as the establishment, so that we are able to distinguish small-firm establishments and large-firm establishments.
The second source of R&D information is a follow-up survey, EMSPS (the Employer Manpower and Skills Practices Survey), which re-sampled 96% of the WIRS plants in 1991.
And Stewart (1987) and Blanchflower, Oswald and Garrett (1990) showed using WIRS 1980 and 1984 data that the same was true in the UK; Morissette (1991) reports similar findings for Canada.
WIRS and TOMS accredited Contractors/Suppliers may also be required
Concerned with the issue of changing work intensity during the Thatcher years, and in the light of debate over the value of the "Percentage Utilisation of Labour" as a measure of work intensity (Bennett and Smith-Gavine 1987; Guest 1990), WIRS questionnaire designers decided to introduce a question aimed at eliciting an estimate of the pace of work at establishments.
One of the startling findings of the 1990 Workplace Industrial Relations Survey (WIRS) was the extent to which the coverage of collective bargaining had contracted after the 1984 WIRS.
16 There is also a question in WIRS that asks managers about the number of competitors that they face.
WIRS obviously cannot provide all the information to investigate industrial relations.
1991 "The Effects of Unions on Investment and Innovation: Evidence from WIRS.