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WISCWeschler Intelligence Scale for Children
WISCWritable Instruction Set Computer
WISCWest Indian Standing Conference (UK)
WISCWomen in the School of Computing
WISCWang Information Services Corporation
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Os outros paises priorizaram mais o teste WPPSI do que o WISC, uma vez que o WPPSI atende criancas com idades mais proximas as do SON-R.
O uso da escala WISC III e importante no acompanhamento de criancas com historia de dificuldades de aprendizagem, uma vez que permite mensurar o desempenho intelectual global e separadamente dos dominios verbal e percepto-motor, bem como investigar especificamente as diferentes habilidades cognitivas expressas em cada subteste, delimitando as areas cognitivas "fracas" e "fortes" da crianca.
A aplicacao completa do WISC III e demorada, podendo ultrapassar duas horas, o que pode constituir um problema em situacoes clinicas nas quais o tempo disponivel para a avaliacao da crianca e restrito.
s 1975 study, which compared the WISC scores of two delinquent groups.
Neuropsychological subtypes of learning-disabled children who exhibit the ACID pattern on the WISC.
However, Angela performed very poorly on three of the eleven WISC III sub-tests offering evidence of difficulties with processing and short-term memory.
In addition, when WISC III Full-scale scores are provided in without explanation then valuable diagnostic information contained within the sub-scores can be lost.
Factor Loading Estimates for Selected Model of CAT and WISC and SCA
In the model comprising the CAT and WISC batteries and the MAT measures, for example, a free path was specified in addition to the fixed path of 0.
The factorial structure of the WISC at ages 7-6, 10-6, and 13-6.
WISC subtest scores of disabled readers: A review with respect to Bannatyne's recategorization.