WISELIWomen in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
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Whether the harassment comes via social media or through more conventional means, however, at UW-Madison it apparently is disproportionately heaped on women; according to the 2010 WISELI study, 14 percent of women faculty reported being sexually harassed, compared to 2 percent of men.
22) Furthermore, according to the WISELI study, women are significantly more likely than men to report having negative experiences with tenure; faculty in the Arts and Humanities division, regardless of gender, are least satisfied with the tenure process.
Results of the WISELI study similarly suggest that academic work is gendered: women did more informal advising than men and had fewer graduate students.
Finally, women in the WISELI study reported working significantly less than men, fifty-six hours per week for women, on average, compared to fifty-eight hours for men.