WISHEWind-Induced Surface Heat Exchange (meteorology)
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The Welsh Government'sosed soft opt out legisn is still two years away implementation and one keys aims is to help clarify dual wishes regarding ordonation.
Unfortunately they often iscuss their wishes with ves and the additional ional stress caused for ies by not knowing the es of the deceased can ct directly on their willss to consent.
is said to have similarities to killings in the Channel Five programme, which prisoners watched against the wishes of their guards.
Receue the wishes of his desire, that thinketh all time to longe, that he tarieth from the.
While enjoying relatively good health, the wealthy Basque merchant must have been nearly seventy years old,(1) and he certainly wanted his last wishes to be known and notarized for the sake of his heirs and all others touched by his estate.
84) Courts faced with official immunity issues in a criminal extradition context do not look to international law; rather, they follow the wishes of the executive branch, which in turn makes its decisions without necessarily following international law.
It simply means that they would not confer such immunity directly under CIL, but rather would do so in accordance with the wishes of the executive branch, which has the lead role in conducting U.