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WISPWireless Internet Service Provider
WISPWNT1 Inducible Signaling Pathway (proteins)
WISPWireless Identification and Sensing Platform (radio frequency)
WISPWomen in Science Project (various schools)
WISPWritten Information Security Plan (various organizations)
WISPWeb Interface for Sharepoint
WISPWireless Security and Privacy (workshop)
WISPWNT1-Inducible Signaling Pathway Protein
WISPWinter Icing and Storms Project
WISPWheat Improvement Startegic Programme (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council)
WISPWriting Information Security Policies (Scott Barman book)
WISPWomen in Scholarly Publishing (Lawrence, KS)
WISPWindows Ink Services Platform (Microsoft)
WISPWartime Information Security Program
WISPWaves In Space Plasma
WISPWideband Infrared Scene Projector
WISPWorkstation Integrated Security Program
WISPWide-Issue Superscalar Processor
WISPWeather Internet Socket Protocol (USAF data transfer protocol)
WISPWebsite & Internet Security Program
WISPWireless Switching Protocol (protocol used between a wireless switch and it's Access Ports)
WISPWorkload Information Scheduling Processor
WISPWeather Intercept Search Position
WISPWidefield Imaging Survey Polarimeter
WISPWisconsin Investigators of Supernatural Phenomenon
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Richard Royall, ERF Wireless' recently appointed CFO, concluded, "The company is currently serving more than 10,000 WISP customers and has an approximate 50,000 square-mile footprint of wireless high-speed broadband coverage.
Dean Cubley, Chairman and CEO of ERF Wireless, commented, "This Central Texas acquisition strengthens our market share in this geographic area and complements our growing WISP operations across the state of Texas.
Many WISPs and solution providers need something that brings them a rapid return on investment.
Leveraging the customer acquisition skills and billing infrastructure of various WISPs to build a successful, neutrally-hosted Wi-Fi service at the Airport is a stroke of genius and a model we believe will be replicated throughout the travel industry.
Through its organized Plugfests, Technical Working Group interaction, and other activities, Forum members are able to develop cost-effective technical frameworks for converged IP services over wireline, WISP, cable, 3G, WiFi and WiMAX networks.
Wisp features wireless power and digital controls that turn every window into a smart window by linking to Smart Home or Smart Office.
The WISP project grew out of an Intel Labs initiative nearly 12 years ago from the company's office in Seattle.
Instead, the cost to a WISP is largely determined by the base
The first, which is usually called the Veil Nebula, is a collection of wisps covering about 3[degrees] of sky mostly south of Epsilon ([epsilon]) Cygni, the east end of the Northern Cross's transverse bar.
Don't run out of Wisp power while underground or he'll die.
WISP Properties (WISPCo), the property development vehicle for the partnership, has agreed a deal with LGP for the purchase of Nexus House in Newport and The Ellipse in Swansea.
3m in profitable recurring annual WISP revenue in addition to new oil and gas revenue capabilities.