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WISRWomen in Service Review (US DoD)
WISRWestern Institute for Social Research (Berkeley, CA)
WISRWorld Information Society Report (International Telecommunications Union; Geneva, Switzerland)
WISRWorkshop on Web Information Systems Reengineering
WISRWorkshop in Software Reuse
WISRWestinghouse Independent Safety Review
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Another way to reach WISR is to improve the integration of weather and climate information with other types of information in the COP in the CAOC.
The term WISR denotes integration of accurate, timely, relevant information about the man-made threats and natural portion of the battlespace environment.
Implementation of WISR will optimize the target kill cycle F2T2EA by integrating robust natural environmental information from ISR platforms into the weather analysis and prediction database and providing real-time, relevant weather information to the cockpit during mission execution.
WISR plans to bring 144 men into the program by the end of the year.
Evangelidis said that the integration of WISR and his department's After Incarceration Support Services was a "turning point.
WISR -- part of the jail's After Incarceration Support Services initiative -- only accepts inmates who want the help, and who were not incarcerated for arson, a sex offense or murder.
There is no telling how the factory job and improved self-image WISR has helped Mr.
WISR serves as a resource by helping clients to secure housing, employment, health insurance and other needed services.
He said that the WISR program helped him to secure employment by helping him with his resume and interview skills, as well as putting him on track to get a license to operate the necessary machinery.
Officials said the WISR, in collaboration with the sheriff's program, initially expects to provide help to about 35 former convicts.
to help the efforts of the WISR and the sheriff's outreach to former inmates.