WMPTAWest Midlands Passenger Transport Authority (UK)
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Coun Clarke, asked whether the WMPTA had quietly dropped the "5Ws" proposal and to confirm whether it was dead, said that it was "still in the plan".
When we heard this parcel of land was available, we alerted WMPTA.
Look around you: what have the district councils and WMPTA actually got to show out there on the ground in terms of new public transport infrastructure in the West Midlands since the Conservatives took control of the region in 2004?
As Coun Clarke's predecessor at WMPTA, I was instrumental in winning this service and the extension of the Birmingham - Walsall - Rugeley service beyond Rugeley to Stafford in 1997 (also now facing the axe), as part of the agreement with the dying Conservative Government on rail privatisation.
Centro has asked the WMPTA to approve a two-year trial of 25 of the CCTV systems at an initial cost of pounds 62,500.
The report concludes that the amount of money WMPTA should ask the region's seven metropolitan councils for must go up from pounds 131 million in 2007/08 to pounds 146 million in 2008/09.
Centro will consult with residents about objections and use site-specific information to make a recommendation to the WMPTA.
This is opposed by the WMPTA, which favours free passes for all at 60.
Suggestions should be sent to Susan Fennelly, WMPTA liaison officer, Centro House, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD.
WMPTA members agreed to submit a fresh application for planning permission to Birmingham City Council.
The inspectors have told the WMPTA to find out how to attract more people on to the buses, particularly motorists, improve project management and work with partner organisations on the programme.
Up to 140 bus services have been scheduled for next Wednesday - ten per cent more than last December 26, according to public transport developer Centro- WMPTA.