WMSTWoodlands Masters Swim Team (Texas)
WMSTWireless and Mobile Services and Technology (Hong Kong)
WMSTWest Midlands Schools of Tae Kwon-Do (England, UK)
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This showed that three measures, dual VISEARCH distance/hit, proportion of correct WMST responses and Same--Opposite difference ratio, together provided the best discrimination between the groups and that adding other measures did not improve the discrimination (Lambda = .
The two groups formed on the basis of ratings of attention and hyperactivity differed significantly in the efficiency of their visual search (single and dual target), and in their performance on the WMST and WALK tasks, after differences in general ability had been removed.
The lower proportion of correct responses, and also conceptual level responses, in the WMST task implies a weakness in locating the significant feature in the display by isolating separate features and/or using the feedback provided; perseverative errors, supposedly the key measure of executive function in this task, did not show any differences between groups, but the more straightforward measures general competence at the task clearly did.
The first component consisted of a more disparate set of tasks measuring efficiency of visual search, speed and efficiency of vigilance, and the executive functions involved in WMST and WALK.