WNSLWembley National Stadium Limited (UK)
WNSLWright Nuclear Structure Laboratory (Yale University)
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However, WNSL will be paid pounds 35million by Multiplex as compensation for the delays.
WNSL chief executive Michael Cunnah said yesterday that a team of more than 6,200 people were geared up to begin the final stages of training inside the stadium when Multiplex had finished its works.
Multiplex has advised WNSL of its entitlement to extensions of time to October 2007 and of its intention to pursue legal proceedings in that and other respects.
Before WNSL went to the Square Mile again early last year, it conducted extensive market research to give potential funders a better idea, for example, of the income that could be generated through corporate hospitality.
Multiplex will advise the market if and when any settlement with WNSL is completed.
A WNSL spokesman said: "Multiplex have, from time to time, intimated various claims to us.
But it has been reported that Multiplex said it still hoped to have "practical completion" by September, but that WNSL had to finish some works for that date to be accurate
WEMBLEY Stadium builder Multiplex has blamed the complex's owner WNSL (Wembley National Stadium Limited) for further delays after it was revealed the new pounds 757m stadium would not be ready until after September.
WNSL, meanwhile, have imposed penalty charges for late delivery of the stadium.
Once the building work has been finished, WNSL has said it will need two months to hold "test events" at the 90,000-seater venue stadium for safety reasons before it can host a major event.
In a statement issued to the Australian stock exchange, Multiplex said: "In order to achieve practical completion of Wembley Stadium certain works which are the responsibility of WNSL rather than Multiplex must first be completed.
In March a row broke out between Multiplex and WNSL over who was responsible for the delays.