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WOBWolfsburg (Germany)
WOBWet Openbaarheid Van Bestuur
WOBWeight on Bit (oil industry)
WOBWoburn (Amtrak station code; Woburn, MA)
WOBWeb Object
WOBWireless Outdoor Bridge
WOBWaste Oil Burner
WOBWoman-Owned Business
WOBWork of Breathing
WOBWeight over Bar (weightlifting)
WOBWelcome on Board
WOBWaste of Breath
WOBWhite On Black (printing)
WOBWenger Out Brigade
WOBWorld of Beer (Florida)
WOBWife of Bath
WOBWaste Of Bandwidth (slang)
WOBWorld of Britney (website)
WOBWriting on Back (descriptive of condition of vintage postcards & other ephemera)
WOBWorld of Business
WOBWay of Being
WOBWings of Blue (Air Force Academy)
WOBWii on Beer
WOBWhole of Business
WOBWork Order Bin
WOBWeight of Blend
WOBWorrisome Online Behavior
WOBWant of Bee
WOBWings over Burlington (Vermont)
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According Travel and Leisure, WOB first offered its Drink It' internship last year and did it again this year due to persistent clamor from customers.
Examination of WOB patterns, found eastern Kentucky ADD/SBDC areas to be under-represented.
Compared with the contralateral limb, the horizontal force was significantly reduced WOB (14.
1 Minimum WOB, 1000 lbs 1-55,000 Maximum WOB, 1000 lbs 1-85,000 Minimum RPM, rev/min 10-286 Maximum RPM, rev/min 23-343 Mud circulation rate, gal/min 102-3300 The roller bit type (IADC code) 111-647 Table 2: Parameter range for ROP data set.
With the exception of some more recent studies showing mixed and even contradictory results, and suggesting only a few finance-related performance differences in comparisons of MOB and WOB (Brush, Carter, Greene, Hart and Gatewood, 2002; Chaganti and Parasuraman, 1996; Kalleberg and Leicht, 1991; Menzies, Dichon and Gasse, 2004; Watson, 2002), a systematic investigation of such variations in financial performance has been insufficiently explored.
Lori Chillingworth of Zions Bank (assets: $48 billion, 136 branches), Salt Lake City, has managed the bank's WOB outreach effort for the past 10 years.
At the moment we don't know of any other applicator using this e-coating technology but we think it's the only way in which the coating of large metal parts can comply with the new legislation," explained Bernhard Joene, WOB general manager.
Well-wishers had been after me to go WOB for years, but I refused.
This is indicative of only a small amount of WOB during the triggering phase.
After this summer, I will have to get some solution,'' said a downcast Charlie Kim, owner of the WOB gift shop on Orange Drive.
M07 CXPTION WOB Dgdgd dgdgddgdgdgddg- ZOE BAWL Star wept after back pain kicked in