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WOBCWarrant Officer Basic Course
WOBCWriting on Back Cover
WOBCWest Oneonta Baptist Church (New York)
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AG WOBC and BOLC students use the eMILPO simulator extensively during the AG School STAFFEX to focus on unit personnel readiness and HR operational planning conducted during the predeployment phase of the ARFORGEN cycle.
Finally, it is significant to note that since Soldiers are formally separated from the Army and subsequently conditionally appointed as a WO1 upon graduation from the WOCS, students who fail to pass the WOBC are administratively separated from the Army.
As a result of the assessment, DOI and DEI are partnering to gain approval for a pilot, three days of environmental training and education for the Engineer BOLC and four days for the ECCC and WOBC.
The training currently offered under the 251A (and 254A as noted below) WOBC and WOAC was refined on 1 October 2009 to meet most of the training requirements of MOS 255A.
Having spent approximately eight months in WOBC, the BCT is not only the level where junior warrant officer positions are most prevalent, but also provides the best opportunity to see the system put to use by its intended user--the combat commander.
This bonus awards $20,000 for WOs in AOCs 350F All Source Analysis Technician, 351L Counterintelligence Technician, 351M Human Intelligence Collection Technician, 352N Traffic Analysis Technician, and 353T IEW Systems Maintenance Technician upon graduation from the WOBC.
With the recent changes to WOBC and WOAC and the new WOSC branch follow-on course that will begin soon, it is only getting better.
He deployed to the Iraqi Theater of Operations following graduation from the Warrant Officer Candidate School at Fort Rucker, Alabama and WOBC at Fort Huachuca and has since redeployed.
Training for MOS 251A and 254A has been revised and merged into one class for WOBC and WOAC.
Last fall, USAIC&FH requested accession bonuses for MI soldiers in shortage MOSs that apply for the WO program and complete WOBC.
Branch proponents develop and update the WOBC training and technical certification standards to ensure that all warrant officers attain the degree of technical competence needed to perform in their WOMOS at the platoon through battalion levels.
MOS reclassification actions began October 2009 and run through June 2012 with WOBC and WOAC students who will be reclassified into the new MOS upon their graduation.