WOCATIWorld Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions
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There are well-developed evangelical networks of theological education (like the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education--ICETE) (14) under the World Evangelical Alliance which play an important role in some regions and levels of theological education and which, for a number of reasons, are not yet part of WOCATI or ecumenical networks in the WCC.
Challenging Traditional Theological Education: 20 years of WOCATI, p.
As WOCATI is a loose network of regional associations meeting every fourth year, it should not be seen constitutionally or functionally as gradually replacing ETE which understands itself not only as a forum for dialogue but also as a strategic instrument of the missionary calling and the ecumenical movement.
1) This paper was originally prepared for the IV Congress of WOCATI which met from 30 May to 7 June 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
To send updated lists of member theological schools to both ETE/WCC and WOCATI website
To consolidate a new working structure of WOCATI in close cooperation with ETE/WCC in order to organize a regular global congress, symposia, or issue-oriented working groups as appropriate;
To approach possible new members in areas and associations which have not yet been included in the networking of WOCATI.
To invite the global coordinator of ETE/WCC to join the WOCATI Executive Committee to facilitate collaboration.
To support a joint WOCATI/ETE journal for ecumenical theological education to be available in both print and electronic forms, to serve as a platform for member institutions of WOCATI from 2009 onwards;
To continue and to develop new forms of regional presence of ETE/WCC through regional consultancies, for the work of ecumenical theological education in different continents to strengthen collaboration between WOCATI and ETE/ WCC;
To elaborate and prepare a joint website on theological education between WCC and WOCATI hosted by WCC website according to initial plans and drafts shared with the conference;