WODWorkout of the Day
WODWorld of Darkness
WODWar on Drugs
WODWorld of Dungeons (online game)
WODWarriors of Destiny (online game)
WODWings of Destiny
WODword-of-day (US DoD)
WODWireless Optical Desktop (Microsoft)
WODWind Over Deck
WODWashington and Old Dominion Railroad (also abbreviated as W&OD)
WODWorlds of Discovery (Sea World)
WODWarrant Officer Disciplinary
WODWife of Diabetic
WODWarnier-Orr Diagram
WODWaiting on Decision
WODWeekend of Debauchery
WODWhole Order Discount (sales incentive)
WODWorld of Dance
WODWorld of Disney (retail store)
WODWeapons of Destruction (Quake2 Mod)
WODWaves of Digitalis (band)
WODWomen of Distinction (various locations)
WODWorld Osteoporosis Day (awareness campaign)
WODWholesale Operations Division (Anheuser-Busch)
WODWorld Oceans Day (est. 1992)
WODWet or Dry
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Known as a "chipper,'' this WOD should cause a big separation on the leaderboard, as muscle-ups are an advanced movement.
WOD wisdom: Before and after every workout, it is essential to warm up and cool down with five minutes of walking or jogging, then stretching.
In response to the high prevalence of diabetes in the local community, where access to specialised diabetes treatment is a challenge, the WOD clinic will visit nine Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) clinics in the Eastern region of Abu Dhabi, allowing endocrinologists specialists on board to carry out diabetes screening, provide examinations and consultations for diabetic patients, and provide wider medical education to physicians, patients and nurses, and streamline effective management of the disease through all care providers.
The Ocean Project working in partnership with the World Ocean Network has been promoting WOD since 2003 with its network of over 1-200 organizations and others throughout the world.
They also invited local organizations to become "endorsing members," which gave WOD access to the group's membership list and also enabled WOD to list the organization as a supporter on its Web site.
3 Countries are missing the following industry categories: France, OPR; Germany, HOT, FNI, SOC; Japan, WOD, RWH, HOT, FNI, BMA, MAI, MIO, MEL, MTR; U.
SOAK FITNESS was founded by a Crossfit gym owner to help Crossfit athletes recover quickly and effectively, while preparing them to attack their next WOD.
The event will include two free intense WOD (Workout of the Day) clinics, one starting at 10 a.
CrossFit has WOD, Workout of the Day, which has developed a cult-like following.
Improving technique not only makes the lifts safer to perform but also makes them quicker and more efficient to perform, which is of particular importance to the CrossFit community, where efficient technique can significantly improve WOD times.
They conduct the WOD in the public, in a seemingly random act - although it has been carefully planned and promoted via their blog, social outlets, and website (www.
Reebok will also bring shipping containers, which serve as mobile CrossFit gyms complete with equipment for a 15 person WOD (Workout of the Day), to city centers around the world, encouraging people to experience "The Sport of Fitness" for the first time - and also demonstrating that CrossFit is something that can be done anytime, at any place.