WODWorkout of the Day
WODWorld of Darkness
WODWar on Drugs
WODWorld of Dungeons (online game)
WODWarriors of Destiny (online game)
WODWings of Destiny
WODword-of-day (US DoD)
WODWireless Optical Desktop (Microsoft)
WODWind Over Deck
WODWashington and Old Dominion Railroad (also abbreviated as W&OD)
WODWorlds of Discovery (Sea World)
WODWarrant Officer Disciplinary
WODWife of Diabetic
WODWarnier-Orr Diagram
WODWaiting on Decision
WODWeekend of Debauchery
WODWhole Order Discount (sales incentive)
WODWorld of Dance
WODWorld of Disney (retail store)
WODWeapons of Destruction (Quake2 Mod)
WODWaves of Digitalis (band)
WODWomen of Distinction (various locations)
WODWorld Osteoporosis Day (awareness campaign)
WODWholesale Operations Division (Anheuser-Busch)
WODWorld Oceans Day (est. 1992)
WODWet or Dry
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WODs are posted for free on the CrossFit website, making it widely available for anyone to try.
snatch and power clean) common to CF along with a conditioning WOD (10-min maximum) to familiarize them with CF practices.
Upon entering the facility, CrossFit athletes were asked to participate in the survey and each coach encouraged participation at the end of each WOD.
Portanto, o objetivo do presente estudo foi analisar e relacionar dados antropometricos (massa corporal, massa livre de gordura e % de gordura), fisiologicos (VO2 maximo e forca maxima) com o desempenho no WOD 15.
Known as a "chipper,'' this WOD should cause a big separation on the leaderboard, as muscle-ups are an advanced movement.
WOD wisdom: Before and after every workout, it is essential to warm up and cool down with five minutes of walking or jogging, then stretching.
The WOD mobile clinic visited five rural clinics across the UAE in total, bringing comprehensive care, education and local community interaction.
He began putting a WOD - workout of the day - online, and the craze began.
Being more familiar with a home spun, common or garden variety of English, he believed the WOD to be his political re entry vehicle from the oblivion he had been heading for.
In WOD coating process, glass fiber passes through a primary coating applicator, followed by immediate curing of the coated liquid by the UV lamps, and then the fiber enters a secondary coating applicator, again followed by the UV lamps.
I haven't done this WOD (workout of the day), but from doing them I can tell you it's pretty difficult," said Sherman Oaks resident Evan Kantor, a 30-year-old commercial real estate agent.