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WOHSWest Orange High School (various locations)
WOHSWyoming Office of Homeland Security (Cheyenne, WY)
WOHSWest Ottawa High School (Holland, MI)
WOHSWhite Oak High School
WOHSWorlds of Haruhi Suzumiya (visual novel)
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WOHS provides young people opportunities to develop their skills, characters, habits and encourages to build their communities through launching different initiatives, covering many fields including, education, music and arts, health, awareness, road safety and many others.
Included in the list are Splash Colors, a sub-micron pigment dispersion for water based inks, Jazz Colors (JZB/JZO), a base for energy curable inks, HSI inks, ready-to-print WOHS inks and StarFire ll, the newest technology for sheetfed inks and bases.
DayGlo offers pigments for gravure inks, pigment dispersions and soluble toners for flexo-graphic inks, pigments for screen inks, inks and bases for conventional and energy curable sheetfed and WOHS lithography and inkjet ink and cartridges for many wide format printers.