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WOLFWeb on Line Forms
WOLFWeb Objects for Legacy Functions
WOLFWolverhampton Online Learning Framework (UK)
WOLFWolves Offered Life and Friendship
WOLFWitless One Line Followup
WOLFWork Order Logistics File
WOLFWarrant Officer Liberation Front
WOLFWrite Data Re-Organization for Log-Structured File Systems
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The wolf ran forward and jumped heavily over a gully that lay in her path.
Nicholas asked himself as the wolf approached him coming from the copse.
For a wolf, no," said Tabaqui, "but for so mean a person as myself a dry bone is a good feast.
It pleased him to see Mother and Father Wolf look uncomfortable.
The wolf saw also: he drew near, sniffed at her, then, knowing that she was hurt, seized her by the throat and worried her.
Then I yelled with pain and rage, and lifting the Watcher endways, drove it down with both hands, as a man drives a stake into the earth, and that with so great a stroke that the skull of the wolf was shattered like a pot, and he fell dead, dragging me with him.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back-- For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.
Soon afterwards the wolf came and wished him joy, and said, 'Now, my good fellow, you must tell no tales, but turn your head the other way when I want to taste one of the old shepherd's fine fat sheep.
I had just finished sweeping the cabin, and had been inveigled by Wolf Larsen into a discussion of Hamlet, his favourite Shakespearian character, when Johansen descended the companion stairs followed by Johnson.
Bit by bit, an inch at a time, with here a wolf bellying forward, and there a wolf bellying forward, the circle would narrow until the brutes were almost within springing distance.
The return trip was made in the baggage car, and so Wolf came a second time to the mountain cottage.
Ferko was no less willing to help her than he had been to help the wolf and the mouse, so he poured some healing drops over the wounded wing.