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WOMACWestern Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (est. 1982; Canada)
WOMACWestern Ontario and McMaster Osteoarthritis Index
WOMACWorld of Mathematics and Computers (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society)
WOMACWomen of Mathematics and Computing
WOMACWoman on the Move Against Cancer (UK)
WoMACWomen's Metropolitan Arts Council (Phoenix, Arizona)
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All values of WOMAC scale improved significantly compared to before treatment (p < 0.
Results: The adjusted mean change (95% Cl) in WOMAC pain was -185.
Student's t-tests were used to determine significance between preoperative and postoperative WOMAC and UCLA scores.
Gruplar arasinda yas, eslik eden hastalik sayisi, agri suresi, BKI, hareketle ve dinlenik agri duzeyi, farkli hizlardaki izokinetik kuvvet, WOMAC agri/tutukluk/fonksiyon puani yonunden fark saptanmadi.
WOMAC is an OA specific survey consisting of sub-scales of Pain, Stiffness, and Physical Function (PF) and a total score additive of the sub-scales.
The same analysis was conducted on the secondary efficacy outcome represented by the WOMAC, while the difference between the active group and placebo was analyzed by two-tailed chi-square test.
While study parameters at 6th month and at the end of the study (12th month) compared with the initial parameters, patients showed a significant improvement in WOMAC scale, Lequesne index and significant reduction in the VAS score during standing and walking (Table 3, Figure 1).
The relationship between depression and major study variables such as age, duration of OA, number of coexisting comorbidities, WOMAC scores, and WIQ scores are presented in Table 2.
Results showed that those receiving the eggshell membrane experienced a relatively rapid response for all WOMAC scores compared with placebo with effects on pain and stiffness noted after only 10 days.
The patients' assessment of effectiveness was given each time they were examined on the basis of the standardised questions of the unweighted WOMAC score (Bellamy et al.
Even smaller treatment effects were seen among patients classified as having mild pain, which was a baseline WOMAC pain score of 125-300.
It did, however, find a weak but consistent association between pain and temperature, such that each degree (Fahrenheit) drop was associated with a one-degree increase in pain on the WOMAC scale.